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What Colour Is Your RAINBOW?

Colour Specificity In Brand Projection covers the range of emotion Red is from love to danger to Christmas. The same way Blue and other colours have their socio-cultural connotation for the marketer and brand manager, therefore, colour plays a full mortal role in brand perception. Take the journey of Apple from the upstart of 1982 to its present global dominance. It has been a branding odyssey from the rainbow Apple of those days to the minimalist virtually colourless Apple that is the baby of design director, Jonathan Ive’s present day Apple. The question is, at what point is the rainbow not good enough? It is a given in life as well as in design that too much of anything is bad while moderation lacks impact. To choose between two extremes, the better to choose right, choose well. From the phosphorescent green of the Glo to the warm yellow of MTN to the purple of Wemabank, we have clear indicators of how colour plays a definitive role in how we look and how we are accepted. Very few remember that the whole corporate identity of UBA is a transplant, indeed a graft of the Standard Trust Bank logo and colour over the previous yellow and navy blue of the old UBA. With regular use and repetition we have all imbibed and accepted it as it is. Go ahead, choose your brand colour and drive it home… minimally!!!

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